Air Guard Konk Dispenser complete kit

Air Guard Konk Dispenser complete kit

The ultimate tool for effective insect control. Air Guard gives a tiny puff of aerosol every 8 minutes to completely control all flies, ants, fleas, mosquitoes and cockroaches. It is so effective that just one unit is all that is required in an average 120sqm home or workplace. Air Guard will do this without using any powerful chemicals.

The active ingredient is pyrethrum, which is a non-residual, household type natural insecticide obtained from the chrysanthemum flower. Air Guard has the following advantages: it is portable, can be turned off/on as required, great in food establishments, no effect on asthmatics or people prone to allergies. It's a deterrent as well as a killer. Ideal for homes, restaurants, offices, poultry sheds, piggeries, stables, green houses, etc. One month moneyback satisfaction guarantee, wherever you buy Air Guard.

The complete kit includes your first can of Konk insect repellent.


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